In the wonderful decor of the authentic hammam of the Pasha El Mokri,
come and discover all the delicate secrets of the Art of the Moroccan Bath and Massage.
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Moroccan Hammam

This is the steam bath with the scent of lavender. For women, a natural, handmade Moroccan cream, a mixture of black olive pit soap and neutral henna, makes the skin very soft. For men, we have a fresh, toning black soap scented width mint. The gommage scrub is carried out width a 'keess' glove that makes the skin baby-soft.
This is followed by a masque, handmade in the south of Morocco, from ghassoul clay and hibiscus flowers, a wonderful treatment for hair and body. The steam bath is followed by a shower, and finaly we are delighted to offer you a mint tea.(45 min. - 330 dh)


Next to the hammam we have installed a spectacular massage room. Let us transport you to a magical universe, using a melange of essential oils of orange, rosemary, ceder and pine in a massage blend of sweet almond and argan oils.

Relaxing massage: This massage encourages relaxation of the body and spirit, allowing you to forget everyday stress.

Lymphatic drainage massage: Manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage technique that stimulates the circulation of lymph and detoxifies the body.

Toning massage: This massage technique includes slightly more vigorous movements that activate the circulation of blood, relieve muscular tension and leave the body feeling strong and energized.

Beauty treatment

In this authentic small lounge, we have thought of the harmony of your body, and the light of your face, by offering a wonderfull selection of treatments:

Hibicus flower face care: the Hibiscus flower was used in the Fes hammas' harems. Rose water relaxing face care ; Hibiscus flower facemask, eye cream, facial steam cleaning, rose water relaxing.

Manicure: emollient soak, peanut srubbing, rose moisturizing massage, nails care and fresh coat of polish.

Pedicure: emollient soak, cuticles care, peanut srubbing, rose moisturizing massage, nails care and fresh coat of polish.

Waxing: for a soft waxing, or simply for the cocoa pleaser, we offer a chocolat wax.