The Pasha of Casablanca

Beneath a high skylight lies the most luxurious of our suites. A hundred years ago it was the room of Si Tayeb el Mokri, Minister of Finance until 1912, and then Pasha of Casablanca from 1927 until his death in Fez in 1949. Everyone in Fez talks of this legendary figure, and everyone has his own tale to tell. Tayeb was a powerful man, a great character. He was also a man of refinement, a traveler, a pianist and a music lover. He was the first Moroccan to import a grand piano. With a passion for the modern, he installed in his palace a costly hydraulic system whereby he could hear his musicians in every room. His four wives themselves played the violin and the oud. He established our property around a much older garden pavilion. The Pasha came here to rest, far from the constraints of his nearby palace, and here he gave ‘private audiences’, as his many descendants have discretely mentioned …
Over 120 sq m, this suite comprises a bedroom and two salons, with a four-poster bed of 180x200cm as well as two beds of 120x200cm, an enormous bathroom with tub and shower.