The Shop

A collection of antique textiles: Renowned collector of fabrics and antique costumes, here Michel Biehn offers embroidery from Fez and Rabat, Uzbek chapans, nomad robes and Touareg djellabas as well as other textiles from the ancient world.
Contemporary design: FezFabrik designers come from all over the world and work with the artisans of Fez to create throws, bags, jewellery and accessories. Leather Bags by Alfred and Catherine Gaillard, scarves and shawls by Melt, textiles by artisan Project


A secret gallery in the heart of the Riad dedicated to cucurbits.
More than 400 objects gathered from all over the world by Michel Biehn, all made between the 17th century and nowadays thanks to one vegetable: squash. They all composed a fantastic and surprising cabinet of curiosities.

The Garden

When we bought this property in the middle of the medina, the land had reverted to the wild and there were only a few trees still alive. We had a lot to do. We dreamed of a garden that would be both modest yet marvellous, evoking the Orient and Paradis, but also a kitchen garden. We dreamed that it would generously offer up its ripe fruits and vigorous vegetables. It had to be a botanical garden, rich of rare species. It had to shelter all the birds. Their song melds with the singing of the fountains, and along with the call to prayer from the muezzins and sometimes the festive drums of neighbours, these are the only noises we hear from the outside world.

The Excursions

Michel Biehn Loves Fez and its surroundings better than everybody. He will be enchanted to share with you his passion, and to organise especially for you, some special visits , picnics, excursions in the beautiful countryside of Fès and the nearby cities.