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In order to enhance the experience of your stay in Fez and in our Riad, Michel and his daughter Jeanne Biehn have sought out for our Boutique precious souvenirs from their travels, both in Morocco and around the world.

According to their favourites, you will discover a collection of rare textiles and ancient costumes from Africa and Asia, a selection of Moroccan handicraft products (Boucharouad carpets, Tamegroute pottery, Fez sandstone, weavings and baskets of the Rif), a large selection of traditional costumes from Morocco, djellabas, gandouras, burnous, and caftans.

Some items from the Boutique

Visit the region

The Fez medina is the largest medina in the Arab world and one of the oldest. Founded at the turn of the 9th century, it is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located within the ramparts on the heights of the medina, Jardin des Biehn is close to the most remarkable historical monuments.

In order to better understand and discover the history and culture of this ancient medieval city, we advise you to be accompanied by an official guide that we can recommend.

The region also offers very beautiful excursions to Ifrane, Sefrou, or even Meknes: do not hesitate to contact us for advice on visits or transport.

4 favorites for your stay

Bab Bou Jeloud

Also called the blue door for its azure zelliges, Bab Boujloud was built in 1913 and is today the most emblematic of the doors that allow you to enter the old town. See also Bab Guissa or Bab Ftouh, dating from the 11th century.

The Tombs of the Merinids

This group of monumental tombs in ruins placed on the hill above the medina were originally a royal necropolis for this dynasty of sovereigns who reigned over Morocco from the 13th to the 15th century. The walk offers a spectacular panorama of the city.

The Chouara tannery

Located at the bottom of the medina, near the wadi, the Chouara tannery is the largest and most spectacular of the tanneries still in operation. Built in the 11th century, it perpetuates a thousand-year-old craftsmanship.

Place Seffarine and its coppersmiths

One of the prettiest squares in the medina has been occupied for centuries by coppersmiths and boilermakers who hammer copper and brass by hand to create teapots, trays, incense burners and also thousands of openwork lamps with magical lights.

The press talks about Jardin des Biehn (and our clients, too)

“3. Biehn Garden, artist’s house in a pasha’s palace

It is first of all an exuberant garden, artistic as was its creator, Michel Biehn, antique dealer, decorator, and great traveler with a passion for fabrics and cuisine. The “magician of houses” is no longer but the adventure continues in Fez in the pasha’s garden where he had taken root with his family to create a dreamlike guest house.

The Jardin des Biehn, highlighted and prominently featured in the October 18, 2023 article in the famous French press magazine, full article to read here

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